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We tailor our approach based on your specific needs although we do recommend that a brand has a current Sonic Identity before creating any specific touchpoint audio. This is how we are able to create a unique and consistent sonic solution of long-term value for your brand.

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Sonic Brand Identity

The process of creating your brand’s Sonic Identity always starts with identifying and analyzing the foundation of your brand’s essence, mission, vision, and positioning. Without a strong understanding of fundamentals, the sonic expression won’t be consistent or authentic. These elements are then translated through carefully selected instrumentation, rhythm, harmonies, and melodies to create your Sonic Brand Identity. We include as many musical variations as you like to accommodate all forms and directions of communication.

No brand is the same, so we tailor our approach completely to your needs.

Sonic Logo

Your brand’s logo is a possibly one of the most repetitive touch points and at the same time the shortest. You experience it in multiple areas of branding from advertisement intro/outro’s to in-store announcements and product audio. Sonic logos are powerful and thus require an instant brand identification factor. With our unique approach, we create your sonic logo with elements from your identity that not only create recognition but also brand consistency.


Rarely do brands only have one message and storyline to tell. You could have several target groups or products that each require an individualized direction. With music derived from your Sonic Identity, we create something that is uniquely yours and express the exact message you want for each target group without compromising your identity. Once a Sonic Identity is in place, there are no limits to how it can be implemented and reinterpreted to tell something different but still familiar.

Product Audio UX/UI

Integrating your Sonic Identity into your actual product is possibly one of the most impactful touch points your consumers experience. All the interactivity between consumers and your product is an excellent opportunity to imprint your brand identity on their minds by creating a sound project that from start to finish is an extension of your brand. Whether you’re selling a laundry machine or a luxury car, the goal is the same: to build relationships with your consumers. Embedded sound derived from your Sonic Identity gives your product a relatable personality that is unique to your brand.


If your company creates audio/visual for internal use, it’s important that the communication reflects your brand identity in every aspect. This establishes a great first impression that lasts whether it’s employee training or a business venture presentation. You will never find visual content that doesn’t come from the core brand’s identity, so the same should go for audio content. We make sure that you express the right message by creating music derived from your Sonic Identity.

Retail Music Curation

“Restaurants and retail stores increase sales up to 42% when the appropriate music is played”

Having the right music can encourage customers to stay longer, improve your sales, and give an overall better performance. When your customers browse through your store or eat a meal at your restaurant, you have the capability of really creating an atmosphere that expresses your brand’s essence and gives it a personality. Taking the opportunity to understand your brand’s target groups for each store will have a tremendous impact on your customers, and we will tailor a unique brand playlist that is consistent with your identity and expresses your message the right way.

Branded Music Catalog

With our vast network of professional and established composers and artists, we create and produce exclusive and unique musical content created to cover all your brand’s communication directions. The catalog contains multiple Sonic Identity-derived music pieces that are owned solely by you and serve to continuously strengthen your brand. With our flexible solution, you will be able to easily re-use and re-arrange sound elements for future use.

On-Hold Music

Even though telecommunication has existed for decades, it still is the preferred choice of communication and conducting business. Having On-Hold music that’s derived from your sonic brand not only creates a better caller experience but also has a massive impact on how the caller perceives your brand and how that perception makes them feel. Being able to affect your callers positively towards your brand is important given that business calls are on average put on hold for 45 seconds and 90% hang up within 40 seconds!

Consultation & Analysis

Interested in knowing your current situation? We can provide an in-depth analysis to determine your brand’s Sonic Identity’s current state by looking at your strengths and weaknesses, competitors, among other factors, and make suggestions for improvement. With our unique approach, we systematically determine how your brand’s touch points are being perceived, how well they convey your key messaging, and their consistency. We can provide various consulting solutions to accommodate your needs and can be as extensive and in-depth as you wish.

To conduct the best possible research, we initiate our collaboration with you by asking you to complete a questionnaire, which gives us the right tools to reach the best outcome. Our distinctive approach thoroughly covers all key factors and will give you a clear picture of your brand’s sonic situation.


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