Custom Music & Sound Design

It always starts with an initial dialogue where we establish an understanding of your project and what is needed from a composer’s standpoint. Based on this information, we present a quote specifically tailored to your needs and requirements. We make sure that there is full transparency from the beginning and throughout the project.

We try to be as flexible as possible, which is why we also offer different solutions. Generally, there is a small demo fee involved to ensure that our composers are getting compensation for their work. This will be deducted from the final buy-out fee. If you are only interested in licensing custom music, you are still required to pay a demo fee in addition to a license fee. We, of course, advise exploring our catalogue, as it’s a more cost-effective way to go because you don’t have to pay the cost of production.

We are as efficient as possible within the scope of work. So, depending on your requirements, we can often deliver material within 24-48 hours.

We strive to be able to provide custom music for all types of budgets. The scope of work, resources, and efforts required by the composer are all reflected in the cost. If you are interested in a full live-recorded orchestra, it most certainly will require extra work and resources compared to less demanding compositions.

Of course! Our award-winning composers are capable of re-recording all types of songs out there! But this does require a licensing/clearance from the publishing/writers of the song. Luckily, we can help you obtain the rights!

Music Pitch & Licensing

From an objective view, all types of music licenses represent legal permission to use a song for a particular project. Without having full permission or the appropriate license, the user is illegally using original work that infringes on the intellectual property of the rights holder, which may be subject to legal action. This is a very complex affair, and that is the reason why we exist so you don’t need to navigate this jungle of rules and law. We value our artists’ integrity, and that’s why we want to make sure artists are paid for their work—so they can continue to create great music.

Of course! We are one of the few companies that offer free music pitch. Just send us information regarding what you are searching for and our music professionals will scout our catalogue thin. contact us here license@motivemajor.com.

The licensing prices for our music greatly depends on what you need to use it for and what music you need. We want to accommodate all budgets, which is why we have a catalogue with budget flexibility but at the same time valuing our artists in terms of fair pay.

Yes, we are a one-stop shop and all the music we represent is pre-cleared and ready to be licensed!

Since we operate as a one-stop company, all our music is pre-cleared both on the master and publishing side. This means that you don’t have to worry about clearing this with anyone else. Also, we issue licenses for just about any use in media and worldwide.

We are very selective, and this would always require an artist’s/rights holder’s approval but generally it’s very rare this would be possible. We value our artists’ integrity and want to honor this.

We don’t require this from our artists, but in most cases, we are able to obtain stems and within reasonable time. If you would like to see if a license is available or if your project qualifies, please reach out and we will assist you right away!

Absolutely! Just send us an email at contact@motivemajor.com

Yes! We offer music supervision services to assist you in negotiating and licensing the song you want. Reach out and let us help you here.

Unfortunately, at this point we only license to registered companies.

Our music is not copyright free and must be licensed to be used. We value music as an art form and its creators as artists and thus treat both our clients and our composers fairly. Luckily, our licensing process is very easy and does not involve outside approvals or any 3rd party contact.

We need this information to be able to get you a license quote. Music licensing exists in so many variations and all such project information is factored into to the licensing price. We do this so you and our artists are treated with the utmost respect. But don’t worry, we are very efficient and will deliver you a same-day quote!

Of course, we offer licensing to just about any country.

We like to give our clients options and to be as accommodating as possible. With our music catalogue, 80% of the music is available for editing, re-arrangement, and re-recording to make it fit your requirements. Send us an email at license@motivemajor.com or click the email button next to the track and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

We are one of the few places that give you the option to save music you like without creating a profile. All you do is click the star icon next to the song and all the music you’ve chosen will be saved to the “Favorites” page.

Music Supervision

Because overseeing the music aspect of a production can be a huge workload and requires in-depth understanding of how licensing and music rights work among other things. By having us do the heavy lifting ensures that you don’t make crucial mistakes that can ultimately jeopardize your project.

We tailor our pricing depending on the scope of work required. This ensures that you only pay for what is required of your project. Music supervision can be a lot of things, which is why a fixed payment option isn’t always the best solution. Get in touch to get a quote!

This varies a lot and depends on what type of music you are looking for. Popular songs with complicated deal structures are often more expensive to license compared to independently released music. As we are a one-stop shop with our own catalogue, we can license it right away. Either way, we can help you figure out what solution works best for your budget.

We can assist you in all different aspects from the early stages, like spotting sessions and creative direction, to the more formal aspects, like searching, negotiating, and securing licenses while overseeing your music budget.

Then, we go straight to discussing the licensing aspect and see if the license request realistically meets your budget. We do our absolute best to get what you want. This, of course, is sometimes limited by budget. Luckily, we are here to scout the industry for music until we find the right fit.

Artist Submission

Yes! We would love to hear your music. As we get a lot of music, we do advice to only send music that is mastered and done.

We do require that the music is either 200% owned by you (Both master and publishing/writer share) or easy to clear. If you have other rights holders, we require that they co-sign as we operate as a one-stop company.

This can sometimes be tricky, as they often control either the master or publishing/writer’s share of the song. However, this is not a problem as long as they are willing to sign an agreement with us.

Sonic Branding

Through an introduction, we get to know the current state of your brand and figure out the necessary steps to help you move towards creating the best possible Sonic Brand Identity. We talk about what you and your brand are all about from the core values to the message you want to communicate. Then, we will be able to tailor our service specifically for what is required to bring your sonic identity out.

If you already have established a sonic identity for your brand, we can assist in exploring more options and go more in-depth in terms of implementation. This can be anything from creating brand specific music that can be catalogued and implemented in your customer touch points.

It does! You get music that is tailored to your brand’s identity, which means whether it’s a brand specific song catalogue for in-stores and campaigns or product audio, this will inherently increase your brand awareness and will be a cost-effective solution. Why is it cost-effective? Because you own everything we create for you!

It all depends on what type of service is required, as there are multiple factors involved in pricing the service. We tailor our service to your needs and from that establish a quote for every aspect.

No problem! We are always here to help you establish a great fundamental knowledge about your current state and what can be done to improve it. This is, of course, a complimentary introduction we offer to make sure we are a good fit for each other!

You simply reach out to us either through our contact form or contact@motivemajor.com, and together, we will create magic!


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